Notes From the Field! (Vol. 1)

Welcome to what I hope will be the first in a new series of blog articles, “Notes from the field!” Here, I plan to share NetScaler configuration issues, recommendations, and solutions for problems that I’m commonly seeing on customers’ sites.


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Author: stephencoatesgravtar

My friends calls me crazy Magento ecommerce fanatic who also like to run with no shoes! But to be honest, I am not only fan of Magento but I love to explore any platform which may benefit the online store owner. I also run online club for my recent project "Magento at Best"! One of the best feature of this club is making the job available to developers. So Why do I love Magento so much? This is primarily because of the availability of high quality plugins. Most of the desired functionality in a website can be achieved through the ready available plugin. It also helps you to cut the pricing with little maintenance.